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Welcome to Technowave India

TECHNOWAVE INDIA Industry  is a leading company in the field of Electronic products .We have been in this industry for nearly a decade .  Since our inception  we are engaged in the development and manufacturing of industry based Electronic goods at national & international levels. We are a leading solution provider in the field of market oriented services.

Our Industry provides solutions in the Embedded System designs by developing required Hardware and Software as per the

demand of industries.We have a committed design team that develops system technologies and caters to meet customer application needs.

LIT Water Saver

It is one of the superb product designed and developed by the TECHNOWAVE INDUSTRY for industrial and domestic use. It is basically a water flow controller for the water storage tank.As soon as the water decreases upto 1/4th, it  then & there starts the flow of water in the tank.And as soon as the tank is overflow it automatically stops the flow.