Embedded Systems

This system is a combination of hardware & software. Its functioning is based upon the Microcontroller or Microprocessor. Basically there is no difference between Microcontroller & Microprocessor from the industrial point of view.

      • Microcontroller consists of Microprocessor , RAM, ROM & output port (buffer) . So most of the industries don’t use Microprocessor rather they use Microcontroller.Microcontroller has an additional feature of external Memory control ie; it also has an external memory that can be used as per the requirements.
      • The main advantage of Microcontroller is its cost effectiveness. When we use Microprocessor we have to use external ROM , RAM and outputs ports. So , the total cost increases to about 400 to 500 Rupees. Whereas Microcontroller costs only about 40 to 50 Rupees.


Our team is basically work on the Embedded System as our primary method to build Industry working models.
Many of our products are successfully running in big Industries.

Assembly Language is the main theme behind working on Embedded System and we are proud to say that we are expetise in our field .