Being a technology promotion association TECHNOWAVE conducts seminars @ college campuses. In northern India TECHNOWAVE is a leading Organization, having collaboration with more than 300 Engineering/MBA colleges. In “On Campus Seminar” TECHNOWAVE Experts deliver Seminar at College Campus on Latest technologies like Embedded System & ROBOTICS,8051,PIC,AVR,PCB DESIGNING and many more.

How to invite for Seminar

  • 1. First TECHNOWAVE will conduct free of cost Seminars on the specified fields in the college campus.
    • a. For that the college administration has to inform TECHNOWAVE via e-mail, Fax or by a letter at our office.
    • b. The date of seminar will be decided after the discussion with college administration.
  • 2. For the seminar there must be proper information to the students from the college side. There  must be at least 100 students for the seminar to be conducted.
  • 3. The requirements for the Seminar are following:
    • a. Seminar Room of capacity 150 Students
    • b. LCD Projector
    • c. Two Microphones (One for the Experts and the other for Students).